Theology, History & Practices of Biblical Worship

Theology, History & Practices of Biblical Worship


The church has a mission and a message, and both deserve all the attention we can give them. But, while these are essential, there is much more to the Christian life. In worship, the church—the community of believers united through the Spirit—brings to vivid expression its entire experience of salvation in Jesus Christ, with adoration, devotion, and celebration. 

Theology, History & Practices of Biblical Worship features electronic books, study guides, and texts written, developed, or chosen by Dr. Vernon M. Whaley. Each of these affordable resources focus on the theory, reality, and practice of worship.

About Vernon M. Whaley:

Vernon M. Whaley (Ph.D., University of Oklahoma; DWS, Liberty University; DMin, Luther Rice Seminary) is Associate Vice President of Program Development for Music and Worship Arts at Trevecca University in Nashville, Tennessee. He served for 15 years as Dean of the School of Music and Director of the Center for Worship at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia. He is the author of several books including The Way of Worship, Called to Worship, The Great Commission to Worship, Worship and Witness, Worship through the Ages, The Dynamics of Corporate Worship, and Exalt His Name (Books 1 & 2).

Theology, History & Practices of Biblical Worship will begin offering resources in 2022.

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